Abdullahi Ibrahim Salahu-Deen, Adam Adesina Muhammed-Lawal




One of the major means of cognition in the Islamic Education is Companionship (As-suhbah), because it determines the originality of the content of information in the Islamic Educational System. As-suhbah reflects in different aspects of Islamic Education, such as the chain of transmission of the Quran, which is the primary source of the Islamic Education, the Sunnah, the second source, the flow of information between the Companions of the prophet, and those after them in the system till today. Therefore, this present study intends to investigate the significance of As-suhbah in the Islamic Education and the related emerging challenges, in order to identify ways in which the new ICT benefits the Islamic Educational System in authenticating its originality. Thus, this study has been conducted using qualitative method which generally focuses on library research and document analysis from primary sources to obtain the information needed. The paper’s overall conclusion is that the Special Companionship in Islamic Education studies as an interdisciplinary field of empirical research, professional development and scholarly inquiry in both Islamic and wider Western higher education would facilitate such a much-needed knowledge.


Keywords: Companionship, Islamic Education, Internet, Information Technology.

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