Adedayo Patrick Adeyemi, Oluwabunmi Amos Oluwo




The coronavirus outbreak was declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in year 2020 because of the global devastating effect that came with the pandemic. Notable amongst the negative effect of the pandemic was the difficulty experienced by business firms in breaking even and remaining in operation. This further led to huge loss of existing jobs and difficulty in searching for new ones because many businesses were unable to withstand the huge shock caused by the pandemic. However, during the pandemic, a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities were also created and these were keyed into by individuals as well as businesses. This paper discussed how entrepreneurial opportunities were created as a result of entrepreneurial orientation and skills acquired through Business Education. Various concepts relating to the topic were discussed and it was concluded that Business Education played a positive role in the creation of entrepreneurial opportunities, which led to self-employment during and after the pandemic. It was also recommended amongst others, that governments at various levels should utilize Business Education resources as a way of promoting entrepreneurial skills for self-employment in Nigeria.


Keywords: Business Education, Entrepreneurial Opportunities, COVID-19

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