Adegboyega Adebayo, Maryam Olubusola Nuberu, Rasheed Obarinu Agbonna, Clement Godwin




The study examined accounting, management and technological innovation skills as impediments for small and medium scale enterprises (SMES) sustainability in Ogun State, Nigeria. Three research questions and one hypothesis guided the study. A descriptive survey research design was adopted. A total of 333 SMEs were selected across the three senatorial districts in Ogun State. Researchers’ self-developed instrument tagged ‘Accounting Skills, Management Skills, Technological Innovation Skills and Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Sustainability Questionnaire (ASMSTISSMES) was used for data collection. A test-retest study was carried out among 20 SMEs in Ijebu-Ode local government area of Ogun State who were not part of the study sample size. The data collected were subjected to Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC) formula and the reliability coefficient yielded 0.86. Research questions were answered using descriptive statistics of mean and standard deviation while multiple regression analysis was used in testing the hypothesis of the study. The findings of the study revealed that accounting, management and technological innovation skills are impediments towards SMEs sustainability. It was also indicated that about 88% of the variance in SMEs sustainability was accounted for by the linear combination of the independent variables (accounting, management and technological innovation skills). The study recommended that government through its Ministry of Commerce and Industry should endeavour to organize seminar and workshop for the managers of SMEs in Ogun State on the viability of the acquiring skills in accounting, management and technological innovation on their business. SMEDAN in collaboration with other agencies should provide training opportunity for the managers of SMEs on alternative strategies towards attaining SMEs sustainability in Ogun State.


Keywords: Accounting Skills, Management Skills, Technological Innovation Skills SMEs Sustainability


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